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In 1854 a man by the name of A. C. Fulton, purchased 75 acres two miles
north of the city, beautified the prairie land by planting 500 evergreens and
other trees and called the area Pine Hill.  It was then laid out in lots for
burial purposes with the first burial occurring in 1855.  

Several area churches took interest in the cemetery and each maintained a
section for their congregation.

In 1920 a unification of these sections was effected by nine prominent
Davenport and Scott County people interested in the cemetery.  Since this
time Pine Hill Cemetery has been managed by a Board of Directors, on a
volunteer basis.  A
sales team operated out of the Kahl building in downtown

1931 the Board of Directors made the decision to
build a house on the
property for the caretaker and installed a
fire proof safe for record keeping
and moved the office to the house.  This house is still maintained as the
caretaker's house and is one of  very few cemeteries with the caretaker
living on site.

This community has supported Pine Hill Cemetery through tree donations,
bequests to the cemetery and other programs that has allowed us to provide
a caring service to the entire community affordable to every budget.  The
Board of Directors and Management strive to continually to make this a
place of beauty and serenity, possessing a dignity befitting the important part
it holds in the lives of the people of this community.  Careful maintenance
and consistent improvement programs have made it one of the most
beautiful in this community.